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Super Mario World Comics
A Super Mario World-based comic which features random stuff in the game. Really funny, made by billyboy.

Random Pancakes
A very funny comic series mostly of Digimon comics and Kirby killing scenes.

Keyblade Wars
A fellow KH comic like mine. This comic is really quite good, its one of the most creative KH-comics I've seen. Its one of those few good serious sprite comics out there.

Player 1
Its a drawn comic, however this one is actually funny. Its about Superheroes + videogames. Made by Derek one of my Pagoda friends.

The Way of the Warrior
A comic featuring Video Game Super Stars such as Sonic and Mario. Its actually good unlike some other comics you see.

Plumber Switch-ario
A Sonic comic. However unlike 95% of Sonic comics, this one is actually good. It actually gives those Sonic authors a run for their money. Its Sonic characters in the Mario world. Its funny and creative, definitely worth a look.

Kingdom Hearts 3 : The Realm of Nothing
Another Kingdom Hearts comic. Its basically after the conclusion of Kingdom Hearts 2. Although it could use some improving in the grammar area, it could turn out to be interesting.

Road to the Dawn
Yet another Kingdom Hearts comic. Its pretty well developed.
Slaying a Dragon
Needs more effort on the hands. Get working on it Euron! >:O
Other Comics

This site hosts my favorite KH comic named Ansem Retort which in a way inspired me to make AToTS and it also has other great comics like Close Enough and newly acquired Oriosis' Edge which was originally hosted on SJ.

A comic that features the all stars of hit SNES games like Chrono, Link, Samus, Kirby and the Mario Bros. Good quality.

A fantasy Epic Adventure, one of my favorite comics made by Spritescaper. The quality of the comics is at its best and its another good serious comic.

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