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Welcome to the A Take if Two Sprites FAQ. I'll try to answer here some of the more common questions.

Q : Why did you start "A Tale of Two Sprites"?

A: Actually it was a webcomic I previously did, but I never really launched it. After I realized it sucked, I redid it into what you're reading now.

Q : How come the comic isn't related to the KH storyline?

A : It's what you might call a parallel universe. I'm basically telling my own story but with characters from Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy.

Q : Is Sora a complete dumbass?

A : Not really. He just has no common sense.

Q : Why does Riku have a short temper?

A : After having to put up with Sora's antics for a short while, anyone would be pissed.

Q: Will Donald and Goofy be making appearances in this comic?

A : Seeing as though I have the entire thing planned, I can certainly say they won't be making appearances. Nor will there be any other Disney appearance.

Q : Will other characters from the FF series be making appearances?

A : Maybe one or two more. But those aren't all that important roles. It'll mostly be a one time appearance.
Q : Do all comics end with that black panel?

A : The first 115 comics do. Lately however I've been trying my hand at free panelling, so the black space is reduced to little to no space at all.

Q : Who's that hooded guy that appears with Cloud?

A : Outdated question XP

Q :You have a Sprite Sheet of yourself in the Extras Page, will you be making an appearance in the comic?

A : If by appearance you mean, random cameo appearances from time to time, then yes I will be making appearances. But these won't have any effect on the overall story.

Can you affiliate with my comic?

A : Depends on the quality of your comic and overall activity. If I like what I see I'll drop you a PM with banner info and whatnot.

Q : Can I submit my character to your comic?

A : No. I already have the characters I need. Any more characters are unnecessary.

You're a girl right?

A: Because there's not a more feminine sounding name like Rick.

Q: Wait, YOU'RE A GUY?!

A: Yes I know this may sound shocking, but I'm a straight male. Despite the fact that my avatars often have girl characters, I'm still a guy.

Q: Why do you have girl character avatars then?

A: For shits and giggles?

Can you check out my comic?

Yes. I generally tend to like checking out other comics and giving them pointers. But here's a word of warning. When I browse comics, I don't hold back on my critique. Some of it may be harsh, but trust me, critiquing with blunt honesty is better than sugarcoating. That way you know what you have to improve upon. Now then, if you agree to this then drop me a PM or IM me on AIM or MSN. I'll take a look at it.

Q : Wait? AIM/MSN? You have those?

A : Oh right, I forgot to mention that. My AIM and MSN are:
AIM: RickOblivion
MSN: rickoblivion@hotmail.com
I generally tend to accept everyone as long as they can follow the common rules of grammar. And by that I mean that the person can take the extra time to right the three letters of "you" instead of "u". If you can comply with that basic rule then it's all good.

More to come soon, got more questions? PM or email me at ataleoftwosprites@gmail.com

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