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Character Bios

Character Bios

Name: Sora

Age : : 14

Bio: An innocent guy. He wields a Keyblade. Due to this he is believed to be part of a race that is almost extinct. He is underestimated, however he has yet to prove his true skills.

Name: Riku

Age: 15

Bio: Riku is a skilled fighter with a very short temper. Within him lies a dark power that is unlocked when he's raging mad. Due to this, people avoid saying anything that might anger him.

Name: Roxas

Age: 15

Bio: Among all the characters in the comic, Roxas is apparently one of the strongest characters and smartest as well. He was once a previous member of the Superiors and appears to be of the same race as Sora.

Name: Cloud

Age: 27

Bio: Cloud is the leader of the Superiors. One thing's for certain, he lives up to the title. Up to this day, Cloud remains as the stronges character in the entire cast. He was able to knock out Sora without breaking a sweat and toyed with Riku in order to buy Sora some times. Cloud may sometimes come across as an ass, stealing both Sora and Riku's wallets and being cocky. But is there more to Cloud than what meets the eye?

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